Chapati (griddle baked flatbread)
 $ 0.50 ea
 Paratha (griddle fried flatbread)  $ 1.00 ea
 Stuffed Paratha (potato, cauliflower or panir)  $ 2.00 ea
 Puri (fried puffed bread)
 $ 0.50 ea
 Masala Puri (spiced puffed bread)
 $ 0.50 ea
 Spinach or Beet Puri  $ 0.50 ea
 Bhatura (leavened fried puffed bread)  $ 1.00 ea
 Pappadam (crispy dal wafer)
 $ 0.50 ea
 Our famous Whole Wheat or Raisin Bread
 $ 5.95 / loaf

Buffet Takeout!

Come in and tell us how to pack your takeout box from the buffet. And if you want to dine here, you may take your box out to the outdoor dining area.



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